How To Join The New VAT Deferral Payment Scheme?

The pandemic has struck the world and has had a massive impact on the economy. Therefore the government had announced that the VAT payments can be deferred. This is part of the government package of support worth more than £280bn. A business that had deferred VAT between 20 March 2020 and 30 June 2020 can […]

How to Apply for Marriage Allowance in the UK?

There are various tax allowances in the U.K to save tax. The UK government’s marriage allowance is one such saving option for married couples or for those in a civil partnership. We will take a look at who can apply and how to apply for a marriage allowance. What is the Marriage Allowance? As mentioned […]

When And How To Claim Married Couple’s Tax Allowances?

Once you exceed your personal allowance, you need to pay the tax to the HMRC every year. However, there are a few allowances that you could receive that will reduce the tax to be paid. The married couple’s tax allowance (MCA) is one such you can claim. It does not reduce the taxable income on […]