How to find a name for your business?

It is important to name your business appropriately as it has a huge impact in the long run. A few questions that come to people’s minds are how can I find an appropriate name and what are the important factors while naming. If you are someone who has already commenced a business, you can understand […]

9 important reasons why accounting is important for a business?

Accounting is the process of recording the financial transactions of a business. The process includes summarizing, analysing, and reporting these transactions to oversight agencies, regulators, and tax collection entities. It is one of the key functions of almost any business. The reports generated by various streams, such as cost and managerial accounting, are invaluable in […]

The 5 major challenges of women entrepreneurs.

Over the years, most of us have met some aspirational women who have the potential and skillset to become successful entrepreneurs. But eventually, we only see a handful come forward and take a ride with their dream. The ability to build their own economic destiny by becoming an entrepreneur is a dream for everyone. Many […]

How to hire the perfect candidate for your business?

It is essential for the success of the organization to hire the perfect candidate The most valuable resource of every organization is its employees. The success of your business depends upon the employees you hire. Job is an essential component for every individual and makes people accept everything during the interview. But this doesn’t mean […]

How to register your Business in the UK?

There are different ways and legal structures to register your business. It really depends upon how you would like to structure your business. Some factors that you must consider are how much control you want, the type of work you’ll be doing, and your long-term plans. It is possible to change your status later, as […]

How do I log in to the government gateway?

The Government Gateway was the portal where you can register for the government’s online services. Most people used this to log in to HMRC to file their tax returns. However, it was shutdown. The government has replaced and has introduced an alternative to login to the government gateway. How can I log in to the […]

What is the difference between Working Capital and Liquidity?

Working capital and liquidity are two key terms from a business perspective and are related to each other. A company’s working capital measures the liquidity and the overall health of the company to meet its short term obligations.  Cash is the lifeblood of business that is needed for the day to day operations. Effective management or […]

What do I do if I disagree with the tax decision?

You have received a tax amount and, you find it not justifiable and incorrect. You do have an option to check it with the HMRC on the tax decision for the amount you are held liable. How do I appeal against a tax decision? Along with the decision letter, the HMRC will inform you if […]

7 ways to improve your Credit Score.

A credit score is a three-digit number that symbolizes the ability to repay the loans or borrowings. Therefore a good credit score is essential for the approval of any new credit cards and for loans. It is a looming question for many that arise at the time of need. How can I improve my credit […]

What are crowdfunding, procedures, and tax benefits?

Crowdfunding is the use of small investments from public investors to fund a new business. It makes use of social media and crowdfunding websites to bring investors and entrepreneurs together to help both the investors and the business. Crowdfunding is a popular idea that has given wings to a lot of entrepreneurs over the years. […]