How do I log in to the government gateway?

The Government Gateway was the portal where you can register for the government’s online services. Most people used this to log in to HMRC to file their tax returns. However, it was shutdown. The government has replaced and has introduced an alternative to login to the government gateway.

How can I log in to the Government Gateway now?

You can use HMRC’s alternative service to log in to the Government Gateway. Once you have registered, you can sign in to HMRC Online Services.

You might have trouble accessing some of the other services that were accessible through the gateway. Here is the full list of alternatives.

What are HMRC’s Online services?

HMRC offers a ton of digital services to make it convenient for people who want to do their tax returns.

Before you start using the digital services, you have to prove yourself to the HMRC. To use and verify, you can start using any service that uses GOV.UK verify. Once the account is created you can then verify your identity with an identity provider.

What if I lose my password?

You can reset your password in the government portal. Or you could also sign up for a new account.

Sidharth Bharthan Menon
CEO, taxtotal​