What is an Employer Tax Reference Number?

To match up your tax records the HMRC uses the tax reference number. It’s usually found on your payslip or P60. You may need to provide this when contacting HMRC if you want to make changes to your tax record.

Where can I find my Tax Identification Number?

To identify individuals who owe taxes the HMRC uses a Tax Identification Number. Moreover, it shows how much you receive. It shows how much a person is paid in wages or salaries. Also how much you have contributed to income tax and national insurance contributions.

As said before, it is a unique identifier for every person who works in the UK. Used to identify individuals when they file their taxes. A tax reference number is a 10-digit number given to employees. If you no longer work with the firm, it appears on the employee’s P45 form, which is a summary of all the taxes paid during their time working for the company. If you are currently working your Employer tax reference number can be found in your P60 form.

What does an Employer tax reference number look like?

An Employer Tax Reference Number is issued to every employer who pays National Insurance Contributions on behalf of their employees. It is used to identify employers who pay national insurance contributions on behalf of employees. The first part or the first 3 digits identifies the tax office dealing with the employer, the second part contains information about the employer.

Tax Reference Number example

Is UTR and Tax Reference Number the same?

No, if you register for self-assessment you will receive a UTR Number. However, it’s not the same as an Employer  Tax Reference Number. Employer  Tax reference numbers help in identifying your employer. You can find it on your payslip or p60.

Let’s say that you register for self-assessment and have a pension from an employer. You will have both the UTR and TRN.

I have Multiple Employers What do I do?

Your employers will have their unique code which they will be using. Ensure to check on the letters from HMRC that the codes are different. In that case, there is nothing to worry about.

You have to ensure to use the correct Reference Number

A tax reference number helps the HMRC to identify your business. This is so they know which company they need to deal with when they send out any correspondence.HMRC uses a series of reference numbers to identify taxpayers and transactions. These include Vat returns and Corporation Tax with a different reference number and you have to keep them all.

What is a Notice of Coding?

If you receive any professional pension or for every employment you have, the HMRC issues a notice of coding. It informs you about any tax-free allowance you have for the year. Also, it shows how it is split.

If you find any discrepancy you have to contact the HMRC as soon as possible to avoid paying more tax.

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