What are the self assessment form for self employed?

Self assessment is a way through which the HMRC’s collects tax from you. As a self employed you need to be aware of the tax return form which needs to be filled out from your end. These forms are designed for you to report your income and calculate the tax you owe. Lets dive into the topic. We will take a look at the self assessment form required for self employed individuals

Self Assessment

How to register for a Self Assessment tax return

If you have to file your taxes then the first step you need to set yourself up first. Registering yourself for self assessment and ensuring that you are ready to file your self assessment is a vital step. Head to the HMRC website to register online. You’ll need your National Insurance number, contact details, and information about your self-employment. Once registered, HMRC will provide you with a Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR) and set up your online account. You can refer our article on how to register for self assessment tax return.

What are the Self Assessment deadlines?

Keeping the self-assessment deadlines in check is crucial to avoid penalties. The tax year runs from April 6th to April 5th the following year. Paper returns must reach HMRC by October 31st, while online submissions have a deadline of January 31st. If you miss these tax return deadlines then you will have to pay penalties as per the delay.

What is the Self assessment forms required to fill?

Filling your Self Assessment tax return can be smooth when you understand its two key sections. The primary self assessment tax return form here is the SA100, a comprehensive list covering everything from 

taxed and untaxed income—things like dividends and interest 

to crucial aspects like 

pension contributions, charitable donations, and various benefits such as State Pension, Child Benefit, and Blind Person’s Allowance.

Whereas, if you are a company director, a foreign national with dual residency, or perhaps earning from self-employment, property, Capital Gains, or overseas sources? If the answer is yes, you’re in the supplementary page territory.

Say goodbye to the hassle of completing the SA200 short-form tax return. Why? Because HMRC takes care of it for you.

What self assessment form for self employed are required?

The self assessment tax return form which you might have to use changes depending on your business structure. Self assessment form that the self employed typically use is the  SA103. While partnerships complete Form SA800. Additional forms may be necessary if you have other income streams, such as rental income or dividends. Familiarizing yourself with the right forms ensures accurate reporting. Read our article if you need help on how to fill a self assessment form.

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